Balsall Common Draft Master Plan

(to be modified after consultation)

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The consultation responses from residents and businesses have now been analysed

There were 439 responses to the draft masterplan which in summary showed general support for the plan and provided written comments and suggestions that produced 64 pages of dense typing. Those comments have been grouped into themes in order that each one could be considered. The working group sought to include within the plan as many of the suggestions as possible. In some cases groups of residents suggested completely opposite actions and in those cases the working group and Arup have sought to find a best fit. The document below provides a list of those 84 themes and the action/response on each one. The next step of the project is for Arup to amend the draft master plan to adjust it to reflect the actions that are considered the “best fit” in line with the actions agreed for the 84 themes.

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At the end of this website you will find that another Arup report has been added which summarises the outcome of the consultation and the changes that they will make to the draft masterplan. That report will join two others forming the necessary “evidence base” for action by Solihull Council and to justify grant applications. It is expected that the final masterplan will be published in November 2021.

Evidence base

To make a change to the highway, an evidence base is required to justify the change. ARUP prepares that as part of the project and the following two files are the first two pieces of that evidence base. The Baseline Report covers the current situation and focus group initial output showing residents/businesses’ wishes for the future and the Options Report shows the ideas considered by a second phase of focus groups which led to the draft proposals.

The draft proposals report gives an overview of the consultation feedback and describes the changes that will be made to the draft Masterplan to produce the final Masterplan, in response to the consultation results.

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